Autoportrait | Fernando Lemos

Limited edition of forty-five books (numbered from 1 to 35 and HC1 to HCX). Texts by the author for this special edition.  Includes  five original gelatin silver prints, signed by Lemos, shot in 1949 and printed in 1997 by Yvon le Marlec : La main et le couteau, Autoportrait, Fond de Jardin, Intimités, Lumière obstinée. 15 pages. 31 x 25 cm. Published in 1998.

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Fernando Lemos [b.1926]
Fernando Lemos belongs to the third generation of Portuguese modernist artists. He developed his work in painting, drawing and photography. In the 1950s, Lemos established a notable body of work in photography, resorting to unconventional techniques and processes that were frequently used by the surrealist artists, namely solarizations, multiple exposures, inverted prints, amongst others.